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How a successful law firm used Payro to substantially increase their billables and profits

Law firm
$96k biweekly payroll
6 loans over 40 weeks to fund expansion
Why a loan?

A busy law firm found themself in a cash flow challenge when covid took the office — and their primary bookkeeper — by storm. Their AR bookkeeper was out sick for a month, causing long billing delays.

With invoicing delayed, they researched financing options and discovered a brilliant option — Payro.

And that set them thinking…

We never had problems with payroll, but this hit us by surprise. Thankfully with Payro’s quick approval process, we were able to cover payroll immediately — and that gave us an idea. Why shouldn’t we use it as a tool to help us bring even more revenue into the business?
Why payro

With a quick approval process and low interest loan, they covered payroll immediately.

Instantly, they began planning for an expansion — a larger team, more marketing and ultimately, much more revenue.

We used the $90K and paid it back in 2 weeks. But now we had a powerful financial tool in our back pocket, and we were determined to use it to help us expand.
Their loan

After that initial one-time loan of $90,000 to cover the shortfall, they expanded their operations and team size.

They used Payro seven times in the next 20 pay periods – and their firm revenue swung consistently upwards.

We increased our caseload and billable hours, and our returns on investment have been substantial.
What they said:
Payro is a uniquely valuable product for business owners who think broadly in terms of growth. It enabled us to expand at a pace we could never have envisioned, without worrying about making payroll as our team grew. My only regret is that we didn’t discover Payro sooner.

Every business needs a safety net for when cash is low.

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