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No matter how successful, most growing businesses face the occasional cash shortage.

It’s simply the nature of cash flow:

  • Rapid expansions
  • Hiring sprees
  • Investments in inventory or equipment
  • Seasonality and purchasing cycles
  • Extending longer net payment terms
61% of small businesses struggle with cash flow regularly.*
2 out of 5 small business owners are frequently at risk of not paying their employees by payday.*
69% of business owners have lost sleep worrying about cash flow.*
“The State of Small Business” Intuit, Feb 5, 2019

With PAYRO, offer a solid solution to a universal challenge

In the face of an immediate payroll need, options such as traditional loans, invoice factoring, and MCAs are limited and impractical — they take too long to apply for and are too high-cost to be viable.

Enter PAYRO.

Whenever cash is low and payroll is due, PAYRO helps businesses bridge the gap, without going into long-term debt.

Integrates seamlessly with your portal

PAYRO integrates directly into your existing platform so your clients can request funding from us while simultaneously processing payroll through you.

We transfer the funds requested same-day, and directly to your client’s account so you can run their payroll as per usual.

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Roll out the new service to clients quickly and simply.
We’re here to provide support along with any communication materials you might need.

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