Offer your clients peace of mind around payroll

The freedom to cover payroll before having all cash on hand with PAYRO: an on-demand, short-term payroll funding service.

How many hoops are your clients jumping through to make payroll on time?

The answer might surprise you.
Because even the most stable, thriving businesses will face the occasional cash shortage. It’s simply the nature of cash flow: Rapid growth, delayed receivables, seasonality, purchasing cycles, and other fluctuations common to running a business.

69% of business owners have lost sleep worrying about cash flow, even if they’ve never experienced prior issues with cash flow.
"The State of Small Business"
Intuit, Feb 5, 2019

PAYRO is the perfect
stop-gap solution

Same-day funding
Just 1.5% weekly
Repaid in 1-4 weeks

How the service works

Free Enrollment
Clients enroll for free through your dedicated partnership link.
Coverage Approval
Clients are approved for up to $500k. *Approval is contingent on credit criteria
Funding, On Demand
Clients can access funds by logging in online and requesting PAYRO coverage.
Same-Day Transfers
We’ll wire the funds to your client’s account same-day.

A profitable

With a best-in-industry revenue share.To learn more or get started.

You keep processing payroll.
We’ll take care of all things PAYRO.

Your team has enough on their plate. When you partner up with PAYRO, we handle every aspect of the service for you, start to finish.

Program Implementation & Logistics
On-Call Client Support
Co-Branded Communication Materials
A Custom, Dedicated  Landing Page

we're partnered with providers nationwide

Which of your clients would use Payro most?

Businesses across virtually every sector have signed up for the service. The following industries have been using PAYRO most, primarily due to delayed reimbursement cycles:

Healthcare Providers
Senior Care
Government Contracting

Help your clients sleep better at night

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