Rates as low as 1.5%
Financing up to $500k
Same-day funding

Payroll can’t wait.
Neither should your funding.

PAYRO is the long-awaited solution to a common business challenge: covering payroll when cash is tight, without going into long-term debt.
Unlike other loan options, we offer low-cost funding at the lightning quick turnaround you need — just 48-hours to approval, and same-day funding from there.

Sign up once. Keep on standby.


Once approved, you’ll have same-day access to funding going forward. Just request it.


Funding whenever you need it, for however long you need it — even if that’s just for a week.


Rates are as low as 1.5% and you only pay for the financing you use.

Processed in a couple of clicks

Our app gets you funded, fast.
Once you’re approved, simply log in… and in a couple of clicks your request is sent!
Fund are approved and transferred same-day.

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Payro today. Pay tomorrow.



Approval takes approximately 48 hours, and is based on a few basic criteria such as years in business and revenue history.



Funds are deposited into your account same-day so you can cover payroll, stress-free.



You have up to 4 weeks (28 days) to repay the loan, with no “early payment” penalty.

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