Payroll Funding

Most small businesses face a cash flow problem at one time or another, and unlike most obligations, payroll must be met on time and cannot be delayed, thus making payroll stressful and a distraction. Finding the right payroll funding company to finance payroll helps small businesses every day.

Payro Finance is a solution for businesses – Payroll funding to cover payroll on time, even when cash flow is thin. Payro Finance secures funds instantly, so they are available for weekly, biweekly or monthly payroll.

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  • 60%Struggle with
    Cash Flow
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Finance Your Payroll Today

How It Works



Businesses are pre-approved for payroll finance up to $20,000.


Request Financing

Upon submitting payroll, the company opts in for financing.


Process Payroll

Now, process payroll without worrying about pending client bills.


It’s easy

Now you can get fast approval for a line of credit to cover your Payroll funding needs when completing payroll.  This Payroll Funding solution does not require invoice factoring or other form of collateral based financing. It is a form of financing specifically designed to help companies make payroll before they collect from their customers. When you find yourself in a cash crunch and need to bridge the gap, payroll funding provides same day funding. With that cash in hand, you can achieve steady and sustainable growth without worrying about making payroll on-time.

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