Payroll funding

The fastest way to fund your payroll

Payro is how everyday businesses & growing startups like yours make payroll on time, every time.

  • Same-day funding – up to $500k
  • Always only 1.5% weekly
  • Get approved within 2 days

How much is your payroll?

Trusted by payroll companies across the US

Never miss a pay period

Payro is your backup fund just for payroll. We give you instant access to your funds so you can draw on whatever you need, whenever you need.

With same day funding loans and straightforward payroll funding services, we make it easier than ever for businesses to pay their employees on time.

Best of all, it’s free until you use your funds.
Why Payro

So much faster & easier than a line of credit

  • Apply in 3 minutes with no paperwork at all
  • Have backup payroll funds available, at no cost until you use it
  • Always the same low rate of 1.5% each week
  • Use again & again – your approved funds are always available
  • Get funds in your account that same day
  • Get easy payroll funding help from a live human by phone or email
Takes under 5 minutes
  • No fees to enroll
  • No credit impact
  • No cost until used
  • No early payment penalty

Am I eligible?

If you meet these business loan requirements, chances are you are!

  • 2+ years in business
  • At least 25k average monthly revenue
  • 5-1500 employees on your payroll
  • Payroll for employees is handled via service or software
Enroll in minutes

What will my
terms & rates be?

Use this quick payroll loan calculator to see

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Let your trusted payroll funded company help you determine what your terms ans rates will be. Our easy system shows you how to evaluate payroll funding for small businesses, payroll funding for staffing companies, and really payroll funding for all!

We know that one of the most important factors in deciding on the best payroll funding company for your business is the rate you secure. With us, you'll enjoy low rate business loans so you can keep your company's payroll running smoothly without disrupting the rest of your funding.

Your loan will cost
1-time transaction fee $150

If you apply now and are approved. You'll get the funds by 5pm on 19 September

Powering payroll for small businesses in every industry

Even if: You’ve been denied credit before. You’re a young business. You’re in growth mode.  You don’t have much history. You have no debt. Or a lot of debt. Even if all or none of that is true, our payroll funding company is here for you.

Every business needs a safety net for when cash is low.

Make PayroTM yours.

Takes under 5 minutes
Payro’s a lifeline. It’s straightforward, fast, simple and you don’t need a great P&L or balance sheet to get approved. And the rates are very fair.

We doubled our patients since last year, but insurance payments don’t come through until about 8-10 months later. Terms with other banks & middle lenders like Paypal and OnDeck are lousy, and until Payro, we couldn’t get a loan.

Thanks to Payro, we were able to expand our practice and keep up with the demand.

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