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How a behavioral health clinic with 100+ employees funded a 2-month system overhaul

Behavioral Health Clinic
Established 2005
$850,000 payroll
No other funding needed
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Why a loan?

Since 2005, the clinic had grown rapidly, with increasing monthly revenue, steady cash flow and patients booked for months. Then a planned system overhaul affected their payouts.

"We were overhauling our systems, and needed to switch our bank and billing systems. That delayed our payments, and totally out of left field, we were left with a sudden cash flow shortage."
Why Payro

With an $850,000 payroll paid biweekly, they needed funding immediately to cover the gap — just for a month or two.

"The only options out there either take months to get, or suck you dry. Without Payro, we would have to revert to an expensive cash advance or hard money loan with possible payment penalties if paid early."
Their loan:

They took a few loans over 4 payroll periods, each progressively smaller as their system was put in place. By 8 weeks, their cash flow hiccup was solved.

"We reached out to Payro and found that the best fit for our company was to take out a 2-week loan for $500,000. For our next payroll period two weeks later, our payments had begun coming in and we only needed $300,000. Two weeks later, were down to $150,000. And that was it."
What they said:
"Payro is unique. It’s the only product designed to help you through an unexpected short-term cash crunch without killing your profits and leaving you with huge debt. It’s instant, easy and low-interest — and their team is 100% there for you. We couldn’t recommend them more highly."

Every business needs a safety net for when cash is low.

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