About Payro Finance

Payro Finance, a payroll funding company, was founded to support business owners by providing them with funding to cover their payroll on-time. Even financially strong businesses are taking advantage of the option to finance payroll with Payro.


Most small businesses face a cash flow problem at one time or another, and unlike most obligations, payroll must be met on time and cannot be delayed, thus making payroll stressful and a distraction. Having the option to finance payroll helps small businesses run more efficiently.


Payro Finance helps small businesses, as well as the companies that handle their payroll and HR.


When submitting payroll, businesses have the option to request financing. Payro reviews the request and wires the funds on the same day. Businesses are pre-approved up to $20,000 based on a few simple criteria, which include years in business and payment history.

How It Works


For Payroll Company

Our team of developers work with our payroll company partners to complete integration and initial setup.


Once completed, Payro Finance takes the lead. Our support team completes the financing requests and only minimal input is necessary from the payroll company.


For Business Owner

Upon submitting payroll, businesses can opt-in to receive payroll financing. Businesses can get financing for their full payroll amount with a maximum of $500,000.


Once opting-in, business owners receive funds on the same day to ensure payroll is covered.


How do I request financing?

Contact your payroll company or email funding@payrofinance.com.

How much financing can I get?

Pre-approved for up to $20,000 with a max approval of $500,000.

What do I need to qualify?

One year in business and at least 3 months and good payment history with payroll company.

What if my payroll is more than the amount approved?

You can get funded up to your maximum approval.

Can I request new financing if I have an open balance?

Yes. If payments are up to date you can request up to your maximum approval.

When is the deadline to request financing?

1pm EST for same day funding.