Pet service
Payroll financing for pet service industry

How a pet care company used Payro to grow their services and customer base

Pet care
$30k monthly revenue
$10,000 to catch up on payroll
3 seasonal loans
Why a loan?

A pet service company with healthy revenue, introduced a new payment model for specific care services for pet owners. A brilliant idea for long-term expansion, but it came with a small roadblock to tackle – the immediate cash flow.

We introduced a lump-sum payment option for pet owners to pay after needing care. This eventually led to more business and great revenue down the pipeline, but we needed to hire and pay our employees now.
Why Payro

Finding responsible, caring team members who relate well to pets and their owners isn’t easy.
A big chunk of revenue goes to payroll, and they needed a loan option to pay their team on time, but their bank loan was denied.

We had a great business model and customers were loving the new option. But it became a real challenge to pay our immediate payroll — especially because our business is seasonal. Banks look at your numbers, not at your business. So even though our revenue was stable and growing, we weren’t approved for a loan, and needed to find another financing alternative.
Their loan

Denied a bank loan and discouraged by expensive alternative lenders, Shelly, the owner, was determined not to give up. She reached out to her network for ideas, and a service-business owner mentioned Payro.

A credit line of $10k was the lifeline they needed. It allowed them to restore cash flow and hire new employees, even while waiting for customer payments.

We were relieved to have found this payroll solution. It was perfect for our needs, and flexible. By taking out payroll loans for 1-4 weeks at a time, we gained the breathing room we needed to expand and get back on track.
What they said:
Payro has been invaluable for us. Without them, we wouldn’t have found a financing option with rates low enough to stay profitable — and wouldn’t have been able to expand our offerings or grow. Payro gave us the option to get back on track, expand our business, and profitably care for more of our furry friends!

Every business needs a safety net for when cash is low.

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