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Bottlenecked by insurance delays, a savvy homecare agency needed to protect over 1300 employees…

Homecare agency
1,300+ aides
Approved for $1,000,000
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Why a loan?

In homecare agencies, the common issues of unpredictable insurance collection result in tight budgets.

Staffing is another huge challenge — there is high demand for good aides, and Bettina, the company owner, was especially meticulous about finding extremely high-caliber homecare assistants.

With 1,300 employees on payroll, it was critical to make on-time payments to retain staff.

"We often run into budgeting issues — since our costs are fixed and taxes are high. But due to the nature of working with insurance, collections are delayed and sporadic. And that’s a real challenge, since we absolutely MUST get our people paid on time."
Why Payro

When taxes were due, there was no more room to wiggle. Bettina needed to secure funding for payroll asap.

"Our payroll company didn’t let us run payroll without paying taxes at the same time, so we knew this could put us in a tough spot. We tried accessing financing from banks but the process was lengthy, and we didn’t think we’d qualify. Desperate for a solution, we turned to Payro for options."
Their loan

Fortunately, it ended up being for her peace of mind, as she didn’t need the loan.

The company applied to enroll in Payro, and was approved for $1,000,000. Now, Bettina comfortably protects 1,300 paychecks without any strain on revenue.

"Thankfully we didn’t need it at the time, but it gave us so much relief. We were approved for $500,000, and just two weeks later, we were approved for an increase to $1,000,000. Now we can cover any scenario should we need it. "
What they said:
As a non-profit, we got turned down on loans constantly. I used to get so overwhelmed when insurance payouts were late — how would I cover payroll? Now, with $1M readily available at no cost unless we withdraw funds, payroll hits every 2 weeks, but I’m calm. We can keep assisting the ones that need us most – and focus on that.

Every business needs a safety net for when cash is low.

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