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Struggling With a Cash Crunch in Telecom? Get to Know How Payro Can Help You!

Struggling With a Cash Crunch in Telecom? Get to Know How Payro Can Help You!

The telecommunications sector covers a wider range of companies than many people realize. Essentially, if your business provides data in the form of audio, video, or data transmission in any form, then it’d be part of this industry. Your business may be a major player with a fully-developed network, or you could be a reseller or even a wholesaler who piggybacks on an established network while private-branding the service as your own. 

Whatever the structure and product offerings of your telecom business, one of the ongoing obligations that you must meet is payroll. Given how a cash crunch can happen, covering payroll may be challenging at times. Fortunately, you can turn to Payro and receive the support that you need. Here are some examples of how Payro Finance can help. 

Weathering a Period When Clients Are Slower to Pay

It’s great when clients pay their invoices in thirty days or less. That doesn’t always happen. For various reasons, even the best clients may experience some sort of delay when it comes to remitting payments. While you have no doubt the money will arrive eventually, that does little in terms of keeping your rate of revenue receipts healthy. 

The reasons why your clients may be slower in paying can vary. It could be due to seasonality with their client base. Maybe some recent internal issue meant that more of their resources were directed toward some sort of action to resolve the issue. Even something as simple as one or more of their billing specialists are out sick, and the work is beginning to pile up. All these issues will be resolved, and your payments will be on the way eventually. 

In this scenario, you may find that meeting payroll is going to be a challenge. Contacting Payro and setting up a business loan for payroll fulfillment is the answer. With Payro, you’ll be able to get through this temporary situation without creating any hardships for employees who need to be paid on time. It’s also a good way to ensure that those employees continue to take their responsibilities seriously, and do the best that they can to take care of the client base. 

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Dealing With Cash Crunches Created by Unanticipated Expenses

As any telecom business owner knows, situations may arise that could not be anticipated. Even with the most careful planning, factors that are outside of your control can have an impact on your operation. When that happens, you and your team move to contain the situation and prevent it from affecting your employees and your clients to the best of your ability. 

This will often mean dealing with expenses that are outside the usual operating budget. Depending on the nature of the issue, it could mean diverting as much of your cash as possible to overcome the situation. The result is that covering the next payroll may be somewhat problematic. 

Turning to Payro for payroll financing is the answer. A quick review and an application is all it takes to get the process rolling. Once you’re approved, the money will be in your payroll account in just a business day or two. The outcome is that your employees are paid on time, and you have managed to prevent the unanticipated issue from derailing the operation. 

Preparing For a Major Customer Project

You have a major client who has approached you with a project that’s a little out of the ordinary. Perhaps it’s arranging for some type of worldwide announcement, or perhaps it’s of an internal nature. The thing is that the customer has physical locations around the globe. In order to coordinate the project across time zones, a lot of planning is needed. Along with the planning, there will be expenses that you must cover for now, although they can be passed on to the client later on. 

Given that this is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss, it makes sense to do everything that you can to make the customer project a success. It’s not just about strengthening rapport with that client. If it involves interaction with some of their customers or contacts, it could also be the means of forging new relationships that lead to greater business volume in the future. That’s not something you want to pass up. 

The thing is that support for this project will create a temporary cash issue for your business. Since you don’t want this to affect payroll, you begin to look for ways to ensure there’s money to pay all of your employees on time. Without a doubt, help from Payro will be the answer. Go ahead and do all you can to make the client’s special project a success, and rest easy knowing the money will be there to pay your employees without any delays.

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An Immediate Need For New Telecommunication Equipment

The technology behind telecommunication equipment continues to evolve. This will mean that you may need to upgrade older equipment from time to time. Using some of your reserves for this purpose does help keep the expense of upgrades to a minimum, but it could also mean that you’re financially vulnerable if anything happens before you build those reserves back. 

Perhaps the need for new equipment has nothing to do with updating. Instead, you need additional equipment in order to support an influx of new clients properly. Covering those costs can also create a temporary drain on your resources. 

Whatever the reason for the new equipment, you don’t want the purchase to interfere with payroll. Calling on Payro for payroll financing ensures there will be no problems paying all of your employees on time. With the money safely tucked away in your account, it’s easy to process the next payroll with no worries at all. 

Redirecting Assets to Marketing Without Harming Payroll

Sales and marketing efforts are essential to any type of business growth. Since telecommunications is such a competitive field, the necessity of differentiating yourself from others who offer similar services is constant. That means updating and expanding your marketing efforts on a continual basis. 

The thing about marketing is that you don’t necessarily launch a campaign today and immediately begin to reap the rewards. It may take days, weeks, or even months to realize a return on the resources allocated to this type of expense. In the meantime, you need to ensure that everyone is paid on time. 

Payro’s payroll loans for small business enterprises provide the sort of assistance that you need while that marketing campaign takes off. With the money in hand, you can move forward with paying all of your employees and maybe be in a position to think about hiring a few additional ones in anticipation of all the new business volume that’s coming your way. 

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Covering Bonuses and Commissions

Payroll for a telecommunication company can involve more than paying salaries and hourly wages. With some employees, there may be bonuses and commissions that need to be paid. Even when those commissions and bonuses are based on collected rather than generated revenue, there can still be something of a cash crunch. 

This can happen when payments for outstanding invoices don’t arrive as quickly as you would like. While the upcoming bonus or commission has to do with a period that has already closed and is based on what was collected during that time, some of that money was spent on other business expenses. The payments your clients are expected to remit soon are more than enough to cover the commission and bonus payments, but there’s the need to figure out how to cover them before those invoices are paid. 

With help from Payro, go ahead and run payroll without any worries. That includes taking care of any bonuses or commissions that your team is due. Thanks to this help, you’ll be fine while waiting for the payments for those remaining invoices to show up. 

Facing Recovery After a Natural Disaster

Damage to your physical facilities after a fire, flooding, or wind damage can create a drain on all of your resources. Business insurance provides some support in terms of compensation, but claims take time to process. In the interim, you need to keep paying employees so they can work remotely and continue assisting your client base. 

Calling on Payro to provide payroll financing is the answer. While your company recovers from the disaster, you get to keep your employees on the job and earning a living. Their pay does not have to be interrupted, and the business has a better chance of recovering sooner rather than later.

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Whatever the temporary situation may involve, you want to ensure that nothing gets in the way of meeting payroll. Wondering “what are the options for payroll loans near me?”, there’s no need to look any further than Payro. You can expect fast consideration of your application, and an answer without any delays. Together, we can find a solution. 

We take 24-48 hours to approve an application. If it is approved, we provide same-day funding for your payroll. With that type of support, you will never allow a short-term cash crunch to make you wonder how to cover payroll again.

Morris Reichman


Morris Reichman is the founder and CEO of Payro Finance. Former Vice President at Infinity Capital Funding an alternative finance company, Morris possesses a versatile background in the finance industry. Having spent 7+ years working across global macro operations and start up corporate finance Morris's expertise is in business accounting, risk management and investment analysis. Morris founded Payro Finance to support business owners and ensure their business continuity.

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