Payroll Financing

Request Payroll Financing

Upon completing payroll submit your payroll financing request.

Schedule your payment

Choose your preferred payment date.

Get the Money

Receive funds in your payroll account on the same day.



    Pre-approved up to
    $20,000 with a max
    approval of $500,000


    1.5% Weekly rate and
    $100 transaction fee


    1 – 4 weeks


    How do I request financing?

    Submit Request Online

    How much payroll financing can I get approved for?

    UP TO $500,000

    What do I need to qualify?

    One year in business, at least 3 months with payroll company and good payment history.

    When is the deadline to request financing?

    1:00 PM EST for same day funding.

    What if my payroll is more than the approved amount?

    You can get funded up to your maximum approved amount.

    Can I request additional payroll financing if I have an open balance?

    Yes. If payments are up to date you can request funding up to the amount approved.

    Can I change my payment schedule?

    Yes. Up to 4 weeks from getting funded.

    Is there a penalty if my payments bounce?

    Yes. First occurrence $75. $150 thereafter.

    Want more info now on Payroll Financing?

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