Stop their cash flow problems from
eating into your time + profit — and
effortlessly gain new business with
Payro Finance

Offer clients an immediate solution to prevent payroll checks from bouncing when cash flow is thin. At no cost to you.

  • 20% of profits are yours
  • 2-min application process
  • Same-day funding

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According to Forbes

Nearly 43% of small business owners dealing with cash flow problems have risked

not paying their employees on payday.

Payroll bouncing due to insufficient funds costs

you even when clients do pay back.

It burns staff time, costs you productivity and disrupts work flow — with added paperwork, collections, and bank communications.

It sours good
relationships and
sacrifices goodwill

It compels you to let go of lucrative clients because of their
occasional cash flow struggles

It forces you to take a gamble on clients — without any payback guarantee

Make easy extra cash and hold onto paying
clients — while avoiding NSF risk and hassle

Payro gives your clients access to same-day payroll funding via a
quick, paperwork-free application, so you can:

Attract new clients

Spark prospect interest with a valuable, unique service your competitors don’t offer.

Increase client loyalty

Offer existing clients an easy way to save face, expense and headache — and gain peace of mind. And service them risk-free, even when they’re faced with intermittent cash flow problems.

Earn effortless extra revenue

Not just a free value-add service. 20% of profits on EVERY client Payro transaction is yours — no strings attached.

Trusted by forward-thinking payroll companies

who want to attract + retain clients risk-free

Just a two-minute application your client fills out online and
funds are in his payroll account that same day.


Clients apply online from a co-branded page on your site. Businesses are pre-approved for up to $20,000.


We verify basic information and payroll amount, schedule re-payment date and confirm funding.


Funds are in your client’s payroll account that same day and you just made 20% on the transaction.

Low rate
1.5% interest weekly + $100 processing fee

Flexible terms
Choose payback date between 1-4 weeks

“I looked into several solutions for a good client with seasonal cash flow issues — but there’s nothing that works for payroll. What struck me was the ease of it all — for my client, for me. It’s quick and really simple to apply, and then the funds are there. There’s practically no work involved.”

— Manny Lunger,
Director of Client Services, Swiftpay Inc.

Yes! I want to reduce NSF risk and add
a valuable service to my offerings

“As a payroll provider, offering an added value like Payroll Funding — a unique service clients can’t get elsewhere — gives us a real, powerful advantage. When my sales team mentions Payro to prospects, it always sparks interest, questions and ultimately sales — sporadic thin cash flow is clearly something many healthy businesses are thinking about..”

— Michael Murray,
Chief Payroll Officer, Payroll Medic