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How To Determine If Your Business Should Finance Payroll

How To Determine If Your Business Should Finance Payroll

Have you been trying to figure out if payroll financing is right for you? There are thousands of businesses across the country which are in the same boat. It can be difficult to figure out if you should work with a payroll financing company to meet your business obligations. But there are some important signs to be aware of that will let you know if it’s the appropriate time. If you are having trouble making payroll because of lack of funds and it’s affecting employee morale, it might be time to start looking at your payroll finance options. Here is what you should know:

Are You Having Issues Meeting Payroll On An Intermittent Basis?

This one sounds obvious, but it needs to be said. If you are having trouble meeting payroll on an intermittent or even a regular basis, then it may be time to start considering payroll financing options. When you can’t meet payroll on time on a regular basis, you will have lower employee morale and higher employee turnover. That means greater costs to your business when it comes to finding and training new employees. A better option would likely be going the payroll financing route.

Is Your Employee Morale Down?

If your employees aren’t producing at the level you expect, its important that you identify the source of the problem. Employee morale often is directly linked to payroll issues. In fact, Surveys show that more than a third of Gen Zers would not tolerate even a single paycheck error. When employees get paid on time and without delay, they are much more likely to report feeling happy about their jobs. You can improve employee morale immediately by working with a payroll financing company to ensure payroll is made on-time.

Are You Less Focused On Your Services And Your Customers?

If you aren’t focused on your company’s products and services, and find yourself stressed or preoccupied by concerns about making payroll, then you aren’t going to have much success effectively running your business. You shouldn’t be letting payroll issues take you away from your company’s wellbeing. If you are finding yourself spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about payroll, then it may be time to pick up the phone and give a payroll financing company a call.

Your business deserves your best effort. If payroll issues are making it difficult for you to meet all of your obligations that means you are spending less time focusing on growing your business and meeting the needs of your customers. The good news is that you do have options. Payro Finance could be right for you. Payro Finance is a company which works with tens of thousands of small businesses across the country. Business owners can receive up to $20,000 in payroll financing, available immediately and up $500,000 upon further qualifications. That way, you don’t have to worry about the potential for any NSF occurrences, and you can get back to focusing on what makes your business great. Call Payro Finance or visit payrofinance.wpengine.com to request funding today.

Morris Reichman


Morris Reichman is the founder and CEO of Payro Finance. Former Vice President at Infinity Capital Funding an alternative finance company, Morris possesses a versatile background in the finance industry. Having spent 7+ years working across global macro operations and start up corporate finance Morris's expertise is in business accounting, risk management and investment analysis. Morris founded Payro Finance to support business owners and ensure their business continuity.

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